Being part of the Board is not only working for Punch, making sure the games are well organized, organizing activities, signing papers, having to manage the finances, having responsibilities, gets an association running… But it’s also having a good bunch of good friends, who will have fun giving you turfjes whenever they get the chance. Whether you’re successful or not, they’ll be there to help or support you. And they will also be an excuse to get together for a night out, a party, a vacation or many other activities…Being part of the board also brings a lot of pride to do it all together and manage an association with 6 people before we even start working.
The most important thing is that even though you put time into what you do for the board, you gain a group of friends who will support you no matter what.

We are currently looking for people for board 70, if you are interested don’t hesitate to come and see us, or to send us a message. And next year we have a lustrum year which promises us an even crazier year.

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