Dear Puncher,
We hope you are enjoying Christmas with your family and your loved ones. With 2022 right in front of us, we want to look back at an successful start of this year’s season, with one new women’s team extra and a lot of new faces. Often people have a better health as new year’s resolution, but again the corona pandemic is making it hard for us to keep moving and sporting. Sports is an incredibly important tool, not only to stay healthy, but also to maintain your social contacts and relief the stress you built up during studying. We hope that where ever you are and whoever you are with, that you take your time to relax and also look back at a successful start of this season. We hope to continue playing basketball after the 14th of January, but until then we have to find our one ways of staying in shape after all that Christmas food. We as board 69 want to wish you a healthy 2022 and we hope to see you all soon again on the court. Happy Holidays!!
With kind regards,
Tijmen, Jeanine, Odine, Guido, Linda, Amélie #Board69

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