Dear Punchers,

You are all invited to join us for the first internal tournament of the year.

For the newcomers of our association, we organize this tournament to get to know the other teams’ players. Teams will be made up of men and women of different levels. So don’t worry about your level. Everyone is welcome!

After 2 years of COVID, we will organize a small borrel after the tournament to get together, drink a beer and get to know each other better. The first drink is paid for by Punch.

The tournament will take place on November 8th. We expect you all at 18:00 for the first games. (If you are going to be late because of classes, for example, let us know.)

The distribution of the teams will be sent to you the day before, so you will already know who you are playing with, and it will be easier to start the games faster.

All the teams will play until 10:30 pm, and then we can all go to the X-café to have a drink (we have a space reserved).

You can register through the link below:

We ask for a contribution of 3€, thanks to which you will have your first beer offered by the new board.

All in all, we hope that you all want to join in and that we can enjoy this first activity “post-covid.”


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