IT Rules

In order to keep all you rowdy cowboys in order, there are some guidelines set up by the sheriff's office: 

  • No smoking is allowed inside the sports center
  • No glass is allowed inside the court halls
  • Please clean up your own mess, especially after eating
  • Be careful with all the equipment
  • As alcohol will be served, we will have a minimum entry age of 18 years
As for the games, the following rules apply: 
  • each team is obliged to provide two referees and one person to record the score, according to the game schedule
  • during the game there should be at least two girls per team on the court
  • during the game, fouls will not be punished by free throws, but:
    • foul against a non-shooting player: ball possession
    • foul against a shooting but non-scoring player: 1 point and ball possession
    • foul against a shooting and scoring player: score and 1 point bonus
  • when a team has a total of 7 fouls or more, every foul will be penalised with 1 point for the opposite team
  • when a girl scores, one additional point will be given, so 3 points for a normal score and 4 points for a "threepointer"
  • men can't block women while jumping, but standing blocks are allowed!
  • the winner of a game gets 2 points, the loser case of a draw both teams get 1 point
  • the pool winner is the team with the most points....if two or more teams are tied, the result of their mutual encounter will be decisive....if they are still tied the total scores of all games played will be decisive
  • as for the rest....regular FIBA rules apply
  • games last about 25 minutes
  • in case of doubt, the organising committee will come up with a solution