Membership fees

Members should have a Sportscard and pay contribution to Punch. All amounts are listed in the table underneath. You can buy a sportscard at the desk near the entrance of the Unit Sport. The price of a sportscard is variable, the price for TU Delft students for a whole season is listed underneath. The Punch contribution will be collected automatically from your bank account.

Sportscard for Students € 130
Mens 1 € 182.50
Ladies 1 / Mens 2 € 173.50
Mens 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and Ladies 2 € 146.50
Training members € 50
Double training members (on top of training member fee) € 50
Non-student fee € 40


In order for Punch to function as a good basketball association, competitive members need to follow some rules. If these are violated then fines may be charged. Below you can find some of the most significant fines. Punch retains the right to transfer fines from the NBB to the members responsible. Regulations and Fines of DSBV Punch can be found here. A link to a detailed list of the NBB fines can be found here.

Individual Fines
Missed task € 10
Late unsubscription* (training member) € 15
Late unsubscription* (competitive member) € 30
No referee license € 25

*Unsubscribing between May 1st and August 1st. Unsubscribing after August 1st means that full contribution will be charged

Team Fines
Team fails to show up to a game** (first time)  € 40
Team fails to show up to a game** (second time)  € 80
Team fails to show up to a game** (third time)  € 100
Taken out of the competition*** € 20

 **For away games hall cost of €35 will be charged on top of the initial fine

***€35 will be charged for every remaining away game that was still scheduled