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International Tournament 19 - 2017

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Dear ballers,

 If anything, the past 18 years of IT in Delft have shown that a weekend of playing basketball and consuming excessive amounts alcohol go hand in hand. This, of course, is the theme for the 19th International Tournament in Delft with the addition of a few amigos from Space Jam. 

 When? the weekend of the 26th -28th of May 

 Where?  in the Sports and Culture Centre in Delft.  

 The tournament will last the whole weekend where you will get a nice and exclusive spot to sleep in the main hall. That’s no issue though, because back to back parties will happen in the Culture at night. This will obviously help you ball out like the Monstars so you can be breaking ankles and posterizing all weekend long. 

The total cost is €50 per person, and you can subscribe your team with the following link:

Details for payment are coming soon!

 Deadline for registration and payment of your Looney team is 28th April. Payment will cover a five star stay in the Main Hall of the sports centre, Prizes, Entry to parties, and some booze. We’ll see you there!