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Practice Schedule

The trainings at Punch are on Monday and Thursday. There are two courts available per training session. All competition playing members have two practice sessions a week, the training-members only have practice sessions on Thursday.

You will be notified for temporary changes in the schedule by mail or on the front page of the website.

Do you want to try out a practice at Punch? This is possible at the training for the non competitive members. For more info see also "Join Punch"

Monday Court 1 Court 2
17:00- 18:30 H5, H6 H7, H8
18:30- 20:00 Ladies H3, H4
20:00- 22:00 H1 H2
Thursday Court 1 Court 2
17:00- 18:00 NC* NC*
18:00- 19:30 H5, H6 H7, H8
19:30- 21:00 H3, H4 Ladies
21:00- 23:00 H1 H2
23:00- 00:00 Open Open

*NC=non competitive (training members)