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About Punch Basketball


Punch Basketball is a energetic standalone student society. Our motto: there is more than just basketball. Actually that's not completely true, but it is true that basketball players sometimes want something different. That's why we organize, aside from practices and participation in Dutch competitions, parties, tournaments and other fun things on a regular basis. Is that not enough for you? At Punch Basketball you can show your organizational qualities by signing up for all different kinds of committees. If you stand out and enjoy it, you can even be asked to be a member of the board.


This season we have 8 men and 2 women teams participating in competition. The level for the ladies goes from Rayon (D1) down to regional level (D2). For men the level goes from Promotion Division (H1) down to regional level (H8). So there is always a team that suits you.
You don't necessarily have to play competition if you want to become a member. It is also possible to be only a training member. All members (competition and non-competition member) are always welcome at  parties and/or tournaments of Punch. If words don't convince you, you are welcome to visit a practice. For this, check the practice schedule. Or come along on Saturday and watch the home games of the different teams. Practices and home games take place in the Unit Sport of the TU Delft.

Punch in the OWee

You think you can make 3 out of 5 free trows? Come to the Punch stand at the infomarket during the OWee and win a price!!! Of course we are also present at the Sportsday. Are you still not entirely convinced and want more information about certain things which you can find not on this website, you can also contact the board. You can find the contact information by clicking on "Contact" in the menu on the left. The board is also there if you want to become a member.


The TU Delft Library has found some old photographs of the Europa Cup game between Punch and W.K.S. Legia in 1969. They can be found via this link.