DSBV Punch - IT8

---------------------- UPDATE JUNE 10TH 2006 ----------------------

Pictures of the tournament have been put online
Also check out our intro movie just down here. Once again, thanks everyone for a super weekend and we'll see you next year!

Download our intro movie here
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---------------------- UPDATE MAY 29TH 2006 ----------------------

Thanks everyone for a great weekend! The final results are listed on the teams page, check 'em out! When the tournament pictures are put online, a link will be placed here, so keep checking every now and again. Now we're back to bed.. ..zzzzzzzzzzZzzzzZZ

IT8 committee

---------------------- UPDATE MAY 24TH 2006 ----------------------

Two days to go before Springbreak fever gets hold of ya, and makes your heart beat faster! Check out the program page for some more info about the weekend. You're all welcome at the sports center from 17.00 pm on Friday, check the location page for directions. The games will begin at 18.00 pm. See you soon!

---------------------- UPDATE MAY 13TH 2006 ----------------------

Just a quick update; all teams have made their deposit, thanks for that! Less than two weeks to go before kick off ......... yeeeeewww! We're organising the last bits and pieces. A more extensive update will follow this week in which we'll tell you a bit more about the program and all the activities, so keep checking! See ya!

---------------------- UPDATE APRIL 23TH 2006 ----------------------


We've reached our maximum capacity for the tournament. Due to a final registration rush we decided to add four more teams, which makes a total of 36. All teams that officially registered are put on the teams page, so check to see if you're on there. If not, please get in touch with us right away. A reserve list has also been added; if any team fails to pay a deposit, the first team on this list will take their place. Furthermore we are working on some nice locations for the friday and saturday parties, and talking to possible bands and dj's to perform. We're all really looking forward to it, we hope you too!

---------------------- UPDATE APRIL 15TH 2006 ---------------------

ATTENTION! The list of participants is almost full, there are only three spots left, so don't hesitate and sign up your team now! For those teams that already registered, make sure to deposit 95 euros on our account, otherwise your spot might be given to another team.

Account Name: D.S.B.V Punch in Delft
IBAN: NL57ABNA0554672995
Bankname: ABN-AMRO
Bankadress: Martinus Nijhofflaan 1, Postbus 300, 2600 AH, Delft

---------------------- UPDATE APRIL 2ND 2006 ----------------------

Buenos días, it's officially spring! The sun has finally decided to start warming us up. A little less than two months to go before the tournament takes place on the 26th / 27th / 28th of May. Some more teams subscribed, but there is still enough space left, so join in quickly! A first program setup has been put online, see the program page. For those of you wondering about accommodation, there is more than enough space available in the court halls. If you bring along a sleeping bag and mat, you will sleep like a rose!

---------------------- UPDATE MARCH 4TH 2006 ---------------------

Hello people....the first teams have registered! Check them out on the teams page. Also....meet this years committee on the contact page. To give you a glimpse of what the springbreak weekend might have in store for ya, check out some pics of last year's tournament Interballactic or go even further back to 2004 when The Devil paid us a visit.


For all the ballers out there!!! Are you ready to rumble? Are you ready to rock and roll? Are you ready to get your A game on? Are you ready to shoot the lights out?

Coming to you straight from the sports center TUDelft in the Netherlands is the 8th Annual Mixed International Tournament starting on May 26 2006 and extending over a period of three unforgettable basket-balling days. It is going to be crazier, better and louder than ever before!


After careful consideration and consultation of various important figures we; the International Tournament Committee (ITC), arrived at a flawless theme for this year. Get you groove on, get your swimming shorts on because we're all going on spring break this year! It is going to be the chill place to be to get you in the mood for summer: a beautiful beach setting, a mini swimming pool for those who want to cool down and of course a lot of basketball!!! Parties which will blow you away so far you'll think you're in heaven. There will be live surprise performances and acts. This all leading to the best IT ever! Do not forget to bring you essential equipment, swimming shorts (bikinis), clothing.

Subscribe quickly because there is a limited amount of 32 teams that can participate in this tournament. We, the ITC, would like to thank you all and hopefully we'll see you in May, because IN MAY WE WILL PLAY!