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International Tournament 19 - 2017

Dear ballers,

 If anything, the past 18 years of IT in Delft have shown that a weekend of playing basketball and consuming excessive amounts alcohol go hand in hand. This, of course, is the theme for the 19th International Tournament in Delft with the addition of a few amigos from Space Jam. 

 When? the weekend of the 26th -28th of May 

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International Tournament 2016 - 20-21-22 May

Subscriptions are open! You can subscribe here!

You are about to embark upon the Great Crusade, toward which we have striven these many months. The eyes of the world are upon you. The hopes and prayers of basketball-loving people everywhere alley oop with you.

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The Teamdivisions are made and can be found in the attached file. To see at what training you are expected, have a look at the practice schedule. The first games will be on september 19 already. Make sure you know when and where your game is by having a look at the game schedule. Also, you might have a task, for that, have a look at the task schedule.

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Try outs

24, 27 and 31st of August and the 3rd of September (the two weeks after the OWEE)



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On Tuesday the 18th of August, the first Sportsparty of Delft ever will be held. Along with 17 other sports associations Punch Basketball will host an open party for all current and future students of Delft. The goal of this party is not only to show the new students of Delft that a sport association is more then only sports, but also to just have a nice party with all the sports associations of Delft! So come by to convince the freshmen that they should join Punch or just dance the night away at the main stage.

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TU Delft - Opening Academic year


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Sports card Survey

Wanneer zou jij een sportkaart kopen? Of hoe tevreden ben jij over je sportkaart? Om meer inzicht te krijgen in de behoeften van studenten bij de aanschaf van een sportkaart van de TU Delft, heeft het Delftsch Studenten Sport Overleg in samenwerking met ORAS een enquête opgesteld.
Met deze input kunnen we jou vertegenwoordigen en in slechts twee minuten heb jij hem ingevuld!

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This year ONGEPLUKT will be held at the 19th of April. It starts at 11:00 and ends at 17:00. Ongeplukt is a basketball tournament especially for people that don’t know how to play basketball (on a serious level). You can sign up with a team as big as you like. But remember it is not allowed to have more than 2 basketball players on the court! Also there has to be 1 girl on the court at all times. 

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IT17 Delft


International Tournament 22-24 May 2015
The subscriptions are open! You can register your team by filling in our online form.

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Task Schedule

The task schedule for the remainder of the season can now be found at Task Schedule, under the Schedules-tab