IT20 Theme Unveiling

Posted on 22-02-2018

Jan in de Delft op Zondag!

Posted on 17-01-2018

De Delft op Zondag heeft een interview gehouden met onze Jan over de gloriejaren van Punch!

Aangezien het artikel in het Nederlands is, zal Jan het zeker niet erg vinden dat er wat meer Nederlandsche taal op deze site staat.

3rd Victory!!

Posted on 11-12-2017

The victory by the largest scoring of the season so far was not predictable. The warming up consisted on half an hour of unlucky shooting, which seemed to announce a bitter game. Meanwhile, in the other half of the court, the ladies representing B.V. Juventus were smoothly fulfilling their shots at an impressive pace. But after the referee’s opening whistle, the tables were turned and Ladies 2 got on fire!!

The first quarter started by an 18-0 score. 7 minutes of shooting accuracy signed by Marieke, Eureka, Niki, Bianca and Laura. Made in TU Delft. Then, after the B.V. Juventus opened their score, 3 more buckets by Paula, Lotte and Noor brought us to a final score of 23-8.

The second quarter started under the expectancy of both the team and the crowd. We all then got aware that we were facing the opportunity of making the highest score of the season, and we definitely went for it! Caroline’s whist was especially sharped for the occasion: she scored 7 points in 5 minutes with the magic #111 on her back! The score of the second quarter was 20-8.

After the break, the girls came back to the court with the same determination. The local team signed a 100% of accuracy on free shots, whereas the rivals were not blessed at all: 1/8. The vibe in the hall was impressive! We could feel our crowd celebrating our buckets and blocks! The quarter ended 14-3.

The final quarter arrived and we knew we had to finish what we’d started! The match was getting long due to the large amount of buckets and faults, but we were enjoying our moment. Unfortunately, Noor got her ankle twisted, but at the end of the match she was recovered. Sara scored the last bucket of the game, closing it 73-23.

The match ended with a difference of 50 points. It was a fun and satisfying game that we will still try to break during the season, when we can count with all our team members (Imane get better soon!). Thanks a lot to the referees and the crowd!

Buckets: Marieke 10 / Eureka 11 / Niki 6 / Bianca 8 / Laura 4 / Paula 12 / Noor 7 / Lotte 4 / Sara 4 / Caroline 7

See you there!!!!

Posted on 28-11-2017

2nd win D2!!

Posted on 15-11-2017

Originally Ladies 2 was meant to have 9 players but due to an unfortunate event, we ended up with 8 players, but we weren’t going to let that take us down. We were going to win and no one was going to stop us! With this determination everyone managed to score some great buckets.

In the 1st quarter, our conviction managed to land us a couple of scores in the first 5 minutes of the game. However, those buckets seemed to have made us too confident as we started having difficulty scoring more without the fast breaks. Putting what we learnt in training into action proved to be difficult as we were not accustomed to making use of the play in a real game. At least our defense was rock solid as the opposing team had trouble getting through our iron tight formation. In the last 5 minutes we only managed to get 1 more bucket. 12-4

The 2nd quarter went much better as Coach Mike gave some great tips on how to get the play into action. His tips and comments ignited our flame and our bucket scoring mojo returned allowing us to score several buckets and Eureka managed to pull out some free throws. 25-11

In the 3rd quarter Aletta was on FIRE!! Stealing the ball left and right. Nobody could stop her. Thanks to her amazing steals, we managed to score several fast breaks before the opponents could even attempt to score. 45-14


By 4th quarter we were all in the zone, successfully pulling off countless fast breaks and making use of the newly learned play. Noor was also finally able to get into the swing as she finally managed to get her shots in after attempts earlier in the match. Our confidence pushed us to try reach new heights in scores, increasing our goal to 61 points from the usual 20 which we managed to achieve. 65-18

Overall, we managed to double our last victory score setting a new record for the team this season. Naturally we had to take a victory selfie. Of course, we had learnt from our failed attempts from our previous win so we managed to take a great victory selfie on the first try.

Noor 4  |  Eureka 15  |  Aletta 10  |  Marieke 12  |  Lotte 2  |  Nikki 8  |  Bianca 8  |  Sara 6